Enhanced Bioinfomatics to Implement Geneomic Selection

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  This project is supported by USDA-NIFA Award 2012-67015-19420 - Enhanced Bioinformatics to Implement Genomic Selection (e-BIGS). Please acknowledge this when referencing the use of this software.

The BIGS website that provides Bayesian analytical tools for genomic prediction with direct links to bovine genomic resources will be enhanced in e-BIGS to expand its reach to other livestock species, to further improve its computational efficiency, and the nature and scope of its analytical approaches.

The overall goal is to continually empower scientists and animal managers that have access to populations with phenotypic and genomic information so that they can undertake state-of-the-art analyses. Website users can control their own analyses in order to identify genomic regions associated with variation and/or rank candidates for selection. Upcoming challenges include the introduction of DNA sequence on individual sires, and the use of massive-density and mixed density (770k, 50k and 3k) genotyping panels.

The approach includes three objectives that will: 1) provide bioinformatics links beyond bovine, to swine, chicken (and other) species resources; 2) increase computational capacity using Cloud computers and increase computational speed using graphics processing units; 3) reduce computational burden using QTL rather than marker effect models.

The analytical methods developed here will be available for execution by the community through enhancement of the existing user-friendly BIGS website, in addition to delivery through scientific publications and presentations.

This application addresses the Animal Breeding, Genetics and Genomics Priority (A1201) within the Animal Health and Production and Animal Products Program Area.


PD: Garrick, Dorian J., Iowa State University;
CO-PD: Dekkers, Jack C.M., Iowa State University;
CO-PD: Fernando, Rohan L., Iowa State University;
CO-PD: Reecy, James M., Iowa State University;
CO-PD: Rothschild, Max F., Iowa State University;

PD: Golden, Bruce L., Cal Poly San Luis Obispo;